Razer Mamba

MaxBabe gave me a Razer Mamba for my birthday this year.  It is a lovely gaming mouse.  It is about a million times better than my old mouse, a Razer Copperhead.  But what I really like about it is that although it is a wireless mouse, it can be used in corded mode.  This means that if I run out of battery mid-game, it's not a problem!  I just unplug the USB cable from the wireless receiver and plug it straight into the mouse.  YES!

Oh, and I did I mention she also got me a wonderful gaming mouse pad?

She's a good woman.  😀

Hmm.. something’s… different.

I’ve decided to replace b2evo with WordPress for my personal blog.  After having used WordPress.com’s service for the MaxiMum Bike Touring page, I was very impressed.  I’m looking forward to less spam overall, and better blogging capabilities.  I’m also looking forward to experimenting with the zillions of plugins available for WP.

The new site is pretty barebones at the moment, but I will pretty it up eventually.  Maybe I’ll even add content to it!

Are you looking for my old blog?  You can still view the content if you feel you absolutely must.  It’s at http://www.maxxxie.net/oldblog.