nVidia drivers 301.42 = absolute fucking crap

I installed the latest and greatest nVidia drivers on my machine a few days ago.  Today, I played BF3.  Well, I tried to.  The graphics were absolutely fucked.  Frame rate so low I couldn’t even navigate the menu.  I ran the Passmark benchmark on it, and its DX10 performance was under five fucking frames per second.

Reverted to 296.10 and voila!  Magical, wondrous performance, in the order of TEN TIMES BETTER for all the tests.

Really, nVidia?  Did you actually test this before releasing it?

VMware – I moved it? I copied it?

I was just talking with my mate Andrew about this today.  For those of you who have no clue WTF I'm talking about it, when opening a VM from file in VMware Workstation and ESX/i, it prompts you with a strange little question.  Did you move the VM or copy it?  And what does it matter?

Rather than explain it here, here's an excellent article on the topic.  I stumbled across this while looking for information on SQL configurationfile.ini settings.