Joy from simple things

Two things have happened recently that make me giddy with joy.


  1. I installed the latest beta nVidia driver, and whaddya know, the crashing has stopped.  Thankyou, whichever deity is responsible for this.


  1. I've had a longstanding problem with iTunes not working or playing well with my G15 keyboard.  Every once in a while, a new release of iTunes comes out and it's fixed.. until the next update.  The last two updates have been consistently bad.  The short story is that unless iTunes is in the foreground, pressing "Play/Pause" on the keyboard will pause it for a second, then resume playing.  Very fucking useful.  I mean, if I need to bring iTunes to the foreground for the button to work, it defeats the whole fucking purpose of the button.  I've Googled about this problem in the past, but have never found a satisfactory solution until now.  This post describes a very simple fix.  And damn, it works! 




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